Other Discworld Conventions

So, you couldn't attend the Convention this year, or you're desperate for more?  Well here is a list of other conventions you could attend:

Additional Conventions will be added as we get details...

CabbageCon 6

The Merchants’ Guild had their say at Cabbagecon 4. Now let us show you the bits of Ankh-Morpork that they wouldn’t want you to see…

There is always more to life in the Big Wahoonie than what you see in a guided tour. Forget about the posh monuments and the guild houses: real life goes on in more invisible places. In the darkness of the Shades, behind closed doors, or indeed under the bridge. That is where you find the most colourful characters of the city. Come and meet them at Cabbagecon 6!

Hotel De Rijper Eilanden,

29 and 30 October 2022



The German Discworld Convention

The German Discworld Convention at Castle Ludwigstein will be from the 28th of April to the 1st of May 2023. The theme they have chosen this time is Genua!

Jugendburg Ludwigstein Castle

28th of April to the 1st of May 2023




Irish Discworld Convention

Ankh-Morpork is a vibrant, diverse and exciting city to visit.  There is always something to see and do, no matter what your species.

2023 brings the Festival of Tourism, celebrating 40 years since the first tourist, Twoflower, visited our great city. Yes, we did have lots of people who came before Twoflower but they came to pillage or make their fortune rather than just to visit so they don’t count.

We welcome the members of the press who will join us from across the Disc to report on and enjoy the festivities!

Cork International Hotel.

20th-23rd October 2023




Llamedos Holiday Camp Scout Jamboree 2024. 

More details coming soon....