Hotel rooms

Our venue, the Hilton Birmingham Metropole has a large amount of bedrooms available, suitable for housing the entire Convention membership on site. All rooms are on the first floor and above, accessible by lift and stairs.

The majority of rooms are doubles and twins, with a smaller number of triples and family rooms available. There are 20 rooms adapted to various accessibility needs. 

Prices are per room, charged at £60 (plus VAT*) per night, regardless of occupancy. This means people sharing a room can bring down their costs significantly. Please remember that VAT may be subject to change in the time between now and the Convention.

Additionally, if you require a carer to stay with you in a separate room, or if you are a large family unit who need to be split over several rooms, only the one room will be charged - however any such requests will have to go through either our accessibility or hotel teams respectively, and cannot be booked directly. 

Superior rooms are available for an extra charge.

Breakfast is not included in the room price for members staying at the hotel. Breakfast is charged at the rate of £10.00 ( plus VAT*) per person per day. Breakfast can only be ordered up to 4 days before the convention. anyone wishing to have breakfast whilst at the hotel and have not booked it will be charged full price

Breakfast is not available for non-residents of the hotel.  The hotel will provide pop-up food stalls selling breakfast type items (bacon rolls, etc) as an alternative. Prices for this service are not yet available.

Pets are charged at £20 per pet per night (see our Pet Policy for details) (charge not applicable to assistance animals).

Booking a room

When room booking opens, you will be able to request rooms using the method most suited to your needs.

There will be four ways to request a room, depending on your circumstances.

1) You are staying alone or as part of a partnership where you will be paying only one bill

A link will be provided to a specially created booking portal on the Hilton Metropole website.

2) You are sharing with friends (or fellow conventioneers who will become friends) and want to split the bill

Do you want to share a room, but have no one to share it with yet? Go to our Facebook page to find willing volunteers!

Once you've committed to your shared room and booking is open, mail with your requirements and we will sort out the booking for you.

3) You are a family unit who would like to stay together in one room, or if that is not possible, in adjacent rooms

When booking opens, email with your requirements and we will sort out the booking for you.

4) You have accessibility needs which mean you need an adapted room or a room with special conditions

Please email with your accommodation needs. We will book your room or rooms for you with the hotel. If you use a wheelchair or mobility scooter, please let us know the relevant details so we can account for turning circles, etc.

Members wanting to book alternative accommodation nearby, please make your own arrangements.

Requesting a room

Requesting a room is not a guarantee that we will be able to allocate you a suitable room. The hotel will allocate rooms according to the number and type of rooms available. We have a certain number of rooms reserved for the event, and the hotel may be able to go above this number, but it is not guaranteed, so please ensure you request a room as early as possible once booking opens.

You will receive an e-mail to confirm the successful booking of a room and a deposit of the first night's charge will be taken from your credit card to confirm the booking. This deposit is refundable up until 28 days before the event.


If you require an accessible room or have any questions about accessibility at the hotel, please contact our accessibility team at



As announced at budget 2021, the government will be legislating to:

  • prepare for a new rate of 12.5% from 1 October 2021 to 31 March 2022

You can assume that the Room deposit depending on booking date will either be at 12.5% or the normal rate of 20%, and the Settlement of the full bill after the convention will be at 20%

This may change between now and the convention so we will keep you informed

Prices with VAT

  • If the VAT rate is 12.5% - Per Room £67.50 per night
  • If the VAT rate is 20% - Per Room £72.00 per night
  • If the VAT rate is 12.5% - Breakfast  £11.25 per person per day
  • If the VAT rate is 20% - Breakfast  £12.00 per person per day


  • Rooms - £60 (plus VAT*) / night
  • Breakfast - £10 (plus VAT*)  per person / day
  • Pets - £20 per pet / day
  • Parking (Non Residents) - £7.00 per car (Day Rate - 8 Hours) 
  • Parking (Overnight Residents) - £7.00 per car per night.