Video and photography policy

Please be aware that not everyone likes to have their photograph taken. If you wish to take a photograph or video of someone, please ask their permission and respect their wishes if they decline.

Filming of programme items is not generally permitted. Most of the programme items we schedule either contain copyrighted material or are provided to us on the understanding they will not be shared further.  If, for any reason, you wish to film or take photographs during a programme item, please obtain written permission from a Committee member before the item is due to commence.

Flash photography is not permitted during programme items.

Filming and photography, not including flash photography, are permitted during the Maskerade as long as the member taking part has agreed to allow it by signing the relevant form, and provided the filming or photography doesn't interfere with their performance. When filming and photography is not allowed, this will be clearly signposted. Please respect any such restrictions. 

There will also be a photo session after the Maskerade for those of you wishing to take photographs. If you have weapons you would like to be photographed with, this is your opportunity.

Some programme items may have additional restrictions, these will be posted at the entrance prior to the item.