Weapons policy

This policy covers all real or imitation weapons, weapon-like things and things that could be mistaken for weapons.

All such items must be brought to Operations (Ops) for inspection as soon as possible on arrival at the Convention. Ops/Watch will decide whether to:

  • Peacebond your weapon and approve it for carrying (but not use) during the Convention
  • Securely look after your weapon and allow it out for the Maskerade and its photo shoot, or other suitable occasions

If you do not know whether an item will be considered a weapon, please bring it anyway. Suitably safe costume weapons (tissue paper, foam, fabric etc.) will be returned without peacebonding, but please let Ops/Watch make that decision.

There are no exceptions to this policy. Weapons you intend to leave in your room must still be checked; you know they’ll get out sooner or later.

Ops, the Watch or other committee members may ask you to hand over your peacebonded weapon temporarily if you are in a crowded area, have clearly been in the bar *ahem*, or for other safety reasons.

Items likely to be looked after by Ops include, but are not limited to: projectile launchers and their ammunition; live steel of any kind; weapons with moving parts, explosives or chemicals; anything with a sharp edge; anything with trailing wires or other trip hazards.

Real firearms and real sharp weapons are expressly prohibited.

Final determination of what constitutes a weapon and whether it needs to remain in Ops is at the sole discretion of Ops and the Watch. Those who do not follow the weapons policy may have their membership revoked and be asked to leave the Convention.

The weapons policy is essential for the safety of almost 900 people gathered in confined spaces. We thank you for your assistance in this matter, and we look forward to a safe and happy Convention for all.