Corinne Pritchard

Comms, Design & Web

Although a long time fan and avid attender of CCDEs, Corinne had lapsed in her con attendance for a full decade before she was dragged kicking and possibly screaming into a Productions role at the 2014 Discworld Convention (a flair for the dramatic - who knew?!). Her brief reign featured the Cursed Poundland Mummy, the Really Really Purple Throne, and the Mystery of the Missing Hat. Corinne for some reason found she actually quite enjoyed it, so signed up to design things(tm) for the 2016 Con as well. And then the 2018 Con.

People seemed to like the Souvenir Book and the Amusing Signs, so now she’s doing this one as well! A glutton for punishment. And milk chocolate. If you’re buying, she’ll have an orange and lemonade. It used to be gin, but gin is now out(tm). Sigh.

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