Taz Shanahan


Having previously been a plain old Discworld Convention attendee, a Gopher, a helpful Penguin for the Thursday Quiz, a Monk of Cool and then the Abbot of Cool, Taz had set her eyes further up the ladder (or should that be down).
Mad, they called from the wings, Crazy, they cried out, but Taz was not to be deterred. The Chair-ship was a role that she was chomping at the bit to get her claws into. “I can do better!” she cried, as the masses just stared on sceptically.
Some things stick however, and as a former Abbot of Cool, Taz tries to always abide by the sacred words of the coolest dudes we know "Be Excellent to each other".

Taz is a sucker for a good Beer, or sometimes a good Gin, and a good old natter, especially if you can keep up with her love of all things comics, books and movies. Taz is a fanatical cat and dog owner, who can occasionally be found debating the merits of owning pets to all and sundry (including allergy sufferers – “exposure cures all!”) but don’t let her fervour dissuade you, she’s just a pussycat…no really, she purrs at a good head scritch.

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