Mr Boggis


Mr Boggis 

Dave aka ‘Lord, Sir Mr Boggis’ (professional idiot) thought that being voted ‘the engineer that I’d want to get stuck in Apollo 13 with’ by his colleagues was flying high. The he had his first con experience at the 1996 Discworld Convention meeting Silas T Firefly, which according to his wife has led to him, ‘sitting in a lot of dark rooms over many years playing with wires’ He says it’s given him new skills and an appreciation of single malts. 

Being a ConTech for over 20 years and enjoying being part of the Discworld family, plus learning the noble art of chicken herding, pouring a Glug, lettuce wrangling BLT’s and learning not to trip over his feet, for which he was for knighted by Sir Terry.

Oh, and being the Tech Director for the Maskerade for too many cons to remember - hence the loss of hair

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