Maria Teresa Laz

Gopher Wrangler

People call me Teresa, Maria Teresa,  Thérèse,   other names, I like the variety.
Among other jobs,  over the last 14 years I have been employed by a cat called Athena. She couldn't write a reference as she was sleeping, but I think she would say that I smell ok, that I have been quite reliable,  serving her meals at her preferred times,  but that lately I am taking too much time off, going abroad . (She may add  "you can't get the staff these days")
I am the proud owner of a teddy bear, who is my own age.
I cannot distinguish my left from my right - I get lost easily.  Therefore I have been promoted to Gopher Wrangler so we all can increase our social interaction, saying things like   "Where is room X, She said it was this way"  "No, it's on the other side of the building".
I look forward to meeting you at the Convention.

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