Mel Brown

The 1st Discworld I read was Reaper Man and steadily over the years my collection has grown, although I keep getting distracted by other hobbies, like gaming, photography and my three Guinea Pigs, Jaffa, Cake and Biscuit (when you see their photo you will understand why).

I will be part of the Ops Team and will be the face you'll see at the Ops Desk in the early morning, do come to say 'Hi', just know, my anthill inside needs some coffee to get working properly.

This is my 2nd Discworld Con and I am really happy this year’s theme is Lords and Ladies, as the Witches are my all-time favourites on the Disc

Just remember

“You couldn’t set out to be a good witch or a bad witch. It never worked for long. All you could try to be was a witch, as hard as you could.”

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