Mari Fletcher

Maskarade Director

Mari got introduced to the Discworld by accident, when browsing a friend's bookshelves during a wet Sunday and having The Colour of Magic fall on her foot. After finding out that there was a  convention going on, she bullied her Mother into coming with her to their first Discworld adventure in 2002, where they both got promptly "adopted" by regular Con-goers and volunteered for the first time to be a Gopher.  Coming back to Roundworld was a terrible shock to the system so she signed up for the next Convention as soon as the announcement came out.

Since then she's been to every International Convention, loved every minute (even the 3am fire alarm), and can probably find her way in her sleep to the bar at the Birmingham Hotel (a good place to spot off duty ConCom).  After Gophering in Registration, Programmes and helping out behind the scenes for nearly 20 years of cons she's been talked into joining Productions  as Masquerade director*

(*well actually, bribed with glass of Hix Sloe Gin and a Purple shirt ).

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