Covens and Games!

13 August 2022

by Dave Clark


Covens haven't been pre-assigned this year, so if you missed the deadline to join one yourself, you can still join in the fun by emailing making sure to include your name and badge number!

Hunt the elves

A game for the covens (teamwork scores more)
There will be a number of elves around the convention. Some part of the game and some not. Those who are parts of the game may be elves or may be normal mortals glamoured to look like elves or elves glamoured to look human. 
Clues may include ears or things they say. 

To remove one from the game the covens must give a horseshoe (abbot supplied laminated paper ones which the coven leaders will have) to the elf.

 If the elf is a fake they will thank you for your gifts but if an in game elf then they will give out points tokens,
if two or more covens give horseshoes at the same time the points go up.
10 points singly
20 points for two covens
50 points for all three
Replacement horseshoes will be available from coven leaders but there is a limited number per coven per day.

The elves can resist… if there is one more of them than the people handing the horseshoe then they may glamour you to forget you saw them (though they may not to stay hidden).

No handing horseshoes during events and if a person is eating food they ain’t there.

Yes, they can be hunted more than once but don’t forget they might not be an elf the second time ;-)
IF a Person has a badge/label saying NOT AN ELF they ain’t in the game (anyone dressing as an elf and not wanting in on the game let us know at before Tuesday evening so we can print you a badge.