Hotels, Waiting List and Volunteers

31 March 2022

by The Chair Team

Hotels, Waiting List and Volunteers

It's been rather quiet around here?

When we had to postpone the 2020 Discworld Convention until 2022 we found ourselves in an odd situation. In the meantime, the hotel took the opportunity to refurbish during lockdown and that has meant changes to some of the rooms we use. It has also meant most of the bedrooms have seen improvements in decor and layout.

Some of the Committee needed to step back - they hadn't intended to tie up 4 years preparing for the Convention! We thank them for all their help and hard work up to this point.

Waiting List

Are you on the waiting list? Is your email address up to date? Have you checked it lately?

Because of the Hiatus, some members are no longer able to attend and have contacted to be put in contact with people from the Waiting List who would be willing to buy their memberships. This happens in the run-up to every Discworld Convention and most people on the Waiting List do get to attend. So if you are on the Waiting List, please check for emails - and if you do get an offer, please reply quickly in order to keep things moving smoothly.

If you are on the Waiting List but no longer wish to come to the Covention it would help us and other members if you could email to be taken off the list, freeing it up for others.

Some news on hotel bookings

Not that nothing has been happening, but it has all been behind the scenes. Our Hotel and Accessibility team have been working with the hotel throughout. Our Membership team have been helping those who needed to pass their memberships on to others. The Hotel changes have also kept our Tech team busy and our Website team have been working to make sure the 2022 Convention website and smartphone App are ready.

As soon as we have sorted the very last details with the hotel we will open room bookings. You will receive an email including two options:

  • A link for single room or single-bill shared room members to book directly with the Hilton.
  • An alternative link for members needing shared-bill shared rooms, family rooms, or with accessibility needs. This will take you to an online form so our Hotels and Accessibility teams can make sure everyone's needs are addressed.

So please do make sure your email address is up to date in your member details…

Volunteers needed!

As you probably know, the Convention is not run for profit. It is organised and run by a Committee of volunteers, who pay for their own memberships, travel and accommodation. They rely heavily on other volunteer members to help prepare and run things both before and during the Convention.

Some members had already volunteered their time and effort before the Hiatus and may be wondering when they will hear; or may no longer be able to help. Others may be ready and willing to help but don't know how or what to do. For those members who already registered to help, back before the Hiatus, our thanks once again. We will be emailing you very soon.

Right now

We would particularly like help with these roles in the run-up to the Convention; here we really need people who have experience in these areas or who are long-time DWcon attendees:

  • Tech: we have a vacancy for someone with experience in video projections. If this sounds like you, please contact We also need people who are interested in either or both the roles below. Experience here, although very welcome, is not a prerequisite and training will be given. Again, please email
    • People who are willing to sit in the dark for an extended period of time operating technology.
    • People to help with set up and tear down, which won't be in the dark!
  • Comms: do you enjoy writing newsletters and blog posts? And/or do you have experience with Mailchimp? Please contact
  • Ops Desk: If you have experience of working as part of an Ops Desk team and can help to set up Ops and work shifts in Ops during the Convention itself, please email
  • Guest Liaison: if you would like to help organise and work with our invited guests, please email
  • Gala: if you would like to be involved in organising the Gala Dinner and the alternative Street Party: please email
  • Volunteers: if you would like to help organise our teams of Gophers, Watch Officers and more specific roles: please email
  • First Aiders: if you are a qualified First Aider and willing to be on call for part of the Convention, please send your details to

Nearer the time

We will also need people who would like to be part of the Watch team at the Convention and we always need people to be members of the Gopher team, including people with the experience to be a Gopher Wrangler: please email

If you have an Attending Membership and would like to help, or even to find out more about helping, please email one of the addresses above, or, and we will get back to you quicker than a Dibbler sausage.

There is also a checklist on the website where you can flag any and all ways you would like to help at the Convention itself - see below.

Updating your details

In order to keep your email address up to date (vital for hotel bookings), list allergies and indicate Coven and volunteering preferences:

  • Click on “My bookings” on the home page to see a list of the memberships you have purchased. (Or go to )
  • There is a blue “Edit” button by each membership on the list that will take you to a page where you can amend your details.
  • Here you can update your preferred email address (essential for hotel bookings!), indicate your hotel booking plans, note allergies and dietary preferences, choose which Coven you will be in and so on.
  • In particular, if you are interested in volunteering, tick “I wouldn't mind being contacted about volunteering” to see a list of possible options and choose amongst them.

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