Kilting up for Charity

9 June 2022

by Roy Ayres

Stephen Briggs has often said he doesn't usually have the opportunity as himself to raise money for the Convention charities.

For several of the recent (cancelled) events/conventions, fans have asked lightheartedly if he'd wear a kilt for part of the event (as he did for a German Con - and for Bernard's Scout Jamboree).
So -- we thought that this could raise money for the Con charities...

We contacted Stephen. "Would you," we asked, "wear the kilt for part of the August Con ... if you were sponsored?"
Well, as luck would have it, he was planning a kilted production of 'Macbeth', so he said: "Why not?"

He's set up a Just Giving site. If - by 4 August - it's raised less than £150, he says he'll just double what was raised and we forget the whole thing. If it raises £150-499 he'll wear the kilt from after breakfast until around 14:00 on one of the days. £500 or more and he'll wear it from after breakfast until around 22:00+.
This is very sporting of him - so if you'd like to sponsor him, the link to his Just Giving page is -
Let's see what we can raise (...)