Two ways to buy

17 June 2022

by Roy Ayres

There are now two ways to buy our lovely Convention souvenirs:

  • Use our online shop, fill your shopping basket and pay through our website, with a further email exchange to confirm colour choices; or
  • Use the online shop to decide what you want to buy, including sizes and colours,  put it in an email to, then pay via PayPal when requested. The email must include your name and badge number.

Everything you order will be kept for you to collect at the Convention but you only have until Sunday 17 July  to place your orders. Some items are in limited supply and only a selection will be available to buy at the Convention itself.

A reminder of what you can buy:


  • T shirts in unisex, ladies and childrens sizes in a variety of colours
  • Polo shirts, black with embroidered logo
  • Zip-neck or full zip Hoodies in several colours

Important:If you don't choose a color, you will receive a black T-shirt or hoodie. You choose your colour after you have chosen your size and completed the purchase - send an email to and be sure to include: your name, badge number and the item colour choice or choices.

Drinking vessels:

  •   Engraved tankards (pre-order only, limited availability)
  • Engraved hip flasks, in either silver or a very stylish black finish (pre-order only, limited availability)
  • Travel coffee mugs
  • Greebo or Nanny Ogg china mugs (pre-order only)
  • Insulated water bottles


  • Button badges with 8 different characters to collect
  • Greebo pin badges in 4 versions: black, full colour, gold and silver
  • Pogs, also with 8 characters to collect

And more:

  • Greebo or Nanny Ogg A5 Notebooks (pre-order only)
  • Key rings
  • Luggage tags in a choice of colours
  • Foldable shopping bags
  • Wristbands in adult and child sizes

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