The Programme


Though most programme slots are starting and ending ‘on the hour’, we aim for all items to last until about ten minutes before the hour is up, allowing people time to move to a different room (or to the Bar).

Anything can happen at a Discworld Convention — and anything frequently does! If there are any changes to programme items — times, rooms, or cancellations — they’ll be announced in several ways:


As well as here on the website, you can also access programme information through our brand-spanking new Discworld Convention app for iPhone and Android. This has several advantages over the website or the paper version in the ReadMe - including the ability to create your own schedule, notifications, our twitter feed, a map of the hotel and much more!

Links to download the apps will be published shortly

Television screens

There are television screens in the hotel which will provide useful information throughout the convention. Important announcements will be heralded by a cheery ‘bingley-bingley-beep!’. Please feel free to reply en masse with a rousing chorus of ‘oh, do shut up!’.

Twitter and Facebook

We will be manning (or more likely, womaning) our Twitter (@dwcon) and Facebook feeds throughout the convention, and posting announcements there when necessary.


Ops will have large posters on display with the programme on them. Also, if you've signed up for a slot at a workshop, a Klatch, the RPG or something else determined by lottery, the results of the draw will be posted outside Ops (and usually outside the room) before the event.

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