Charities Update

31 August 2022

by The Chair Team

Many of you will have been at the closing ceremony and heard the Chair’s rundown of the convention’s charitable achievements. Now that we’ve had a chance to tot up all those pennies, it gives the committee immeasurable pleasure to announce the grand total of:


The vast majority of this, £15,345.93, is down to the incredible generosity of guests and convention members who donated items for the charity auction, and of course those bidding on and winning them. Huge thanks are due to the Discworld Monthly team for their hard work organising it, to Pat Harkin for his unceasing auctioneering prowess, and to a mysterious phone bidder for a particularly generous purchase.

The Ancient and Illustrious Order of Old Bar Stewards of Old Ankh-Morepork, our very own charitable secret society for fine individuals, held their traditional highly secret meeting and raised £806.01. If you are a fine and charitable – and secretive – individual, who might enjoy society of a secret persuasion, keep an eye on the programme of the next convention for your chance to join.

During the convention, books kindly offered by guests were on sale or available for donations. Colin Smythe contributed to the exchange in the Goat and Bush, and Ian Stewart to a stall in Lancre Town, raising £1063.51 and £121 respectively. Thanks to them, and to all others buying, swapping or making donations for books over the weekend.

And finally – as far as official numbers go – we mustn’t forget the kilts, with which Stephen Briggs raised an incredible £2170. Congratulations and thanks to him, and also to everyone who sponsored him!

These donations administered by the committee do not include money given directly to the charities, through their boxes or electronically, and we are grateful for all the donations made in the spirit of the convention. These include some significant sums, such as the £5 times 30 that Rosemary Warner asked committee members to donate, in return for the masks she made and personalised for them.

Money raised will be divided between the excellent causes selected as our convention charities for 2022:

The Orangutan Foundation protects the habitats of the critically endangered orangutan, working with local communities in a unique and diverse approach, since 1990. They are a long-standing convention charity, as we try to continue the legacy that Sir Terry began as a supporter and trustee.

Our second charity this time is Cerebral Palsy Midlands. Established 75 years ago this year, they support people with cerebral palsy and related disabilities. Running a community day care service with a variety of activities, they help people reach their full potential, while promoting disability awareness.

The committee is humbled, as always, by the generosity of the Discworld Convention community, volunteers and guests, and is delighted to be able to support these donations. If you would like to suggest a charity for the next convention, or volunteer to support future charitable activities, look out for messages from the incoming chair once she starts gathering her committee.

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