Help make an even better Convention!

4 September 2022

by The Chair Team

Great A’Tuin has moved on and taken the Discworld with it once more. Sad though we may be to return to the Roundworld, we are already planning our next trip to Sir Terry’s singular creation. That is, we have reached the point where the 2022 International Discworld Convention has ended, the post-con blues are hopefully fading, and we need to look ahead to the 2024 Convention.


We have a new Chair, the inestimable Kirstine Heald, aka Glingle Feegle, The Landlady, Oi You! and many other names, and she now has the task of assembling the team for the next Convention and drawing on the lessons learned from the 2020 2022 Convention. Every convention has its flaws and its foul-ups, not least of all after such a calamitous few years, and we want to hear them all. Of course, we wouldn’t mind if you slipped in a few things we did well and would love to see continue. If you would like to give feedback to help us, please email the Committee ( Let us know what we can do better - suggestions very welcome!


Some of the 2022 ConCom team are staying on, some in new roles, but the team is in no way complete. If you would like to be part of making the next Convention even better, please email Kirstine and her team ( with a little about yourself and where your interests lie. For an idea of what the roles are, check out the ConCom pages on the website or in the souvenir book. All are welcome, and we look forward to welcoming you to the fold. (Just to be clear, Committee members pay their own way just like every other member of the Convention.)

And that, as they say, is that. So thank you, once again, for being part of a wonderful 2022 DWCon, and sharing in the magic of the Discworld. We hope to see you back there again soon.