Charity Auction: Call for donations

23 April 2022

by Roy Ayres

Charity Auction: Call for donations

A staple of every Discworld Convention, everywhere, is a Charity Auction and the 2022 Auction in Lancre promises to be no exception. Our chosen charities this year are The Orangutan Foundation - a favourite of Sir Terry's - which we have supported for many years, and local charity Cerebral Palsy Midlands. More details are available on our Charities page..

The Charity Auction has always been a place of wonder, filled with amazing items from both Discworld and Roundworld. Of course these things don't magically appear - every item has been donated by wonderful convention members.

If you have something you think will be of interest to some Discworld fans stashed in the back of the cupboard (... hmmm, I got this nice lot of dragon detectors that just might...) and you are happy to donate it to the auction, then we want to hear from you!

The Auction is held on Sunday afternoon and has to fit in with all the other enticing programme items, so the auction team can only take sixty, yes 60 items to be auctioned. In order to give each lot a fair slice of time, every item must be pre-registered with the auction team before the Convention.[*]

In the past we have sold props from adaptations, rare signed items from Terry Pratchett and other authors, film cells from animations, a pickled onion and many many beautiful handmade items. Please appreciate there are certain items we cannot take to auction. This includes alcohol in any form, paperback editions of Terry's books (unless they are true rarities such as The Amzing Maurice) or anything that is too big or heavy for the average convention member to take home.

To pre-register your item, please email with some pictures of the item and any background information you have about it. Don't worry if you don't know very much, the team is very knowlegable about all sorts of Discworld related things and if they don't know, nobody does!!!!!

Looking forward to seeing what wonders you have for us to sell this time!

Discworld Auction Team

[*] An important footnote: you must be able to bring the item to the convention! We cannot have anything sent to us for auction as we do not have space to store things!