8 June 2022

by Roy Ayres


The powers that be have let me out of my dingy backroom to announce that the all new Dealers Membership site thingy is now open on the upstairs landing….

What?... it doesn't quite work like that?

Oh, I see...

We have two types of Dealer:

  • Full Attending Members of the Convention who are also Dealers: they can attend events and make use of our discounted food and drink prices;
  • Dealer-only Members who have registered on our website but can only act as Dealers and may not attend the events or get discounted food or drink.

Dealer-only members are very welcome to upgrade to become full Attending Members. To be registered as a Dealer you must have one or other type of membership. (It costs nothing to register on the Discworld Convention website.)

To become a Dealer, once registered, please email and give the following information:

  • Whether you are an Attending Member of the Convention and if so, your badge number
  • The company name you will be trading as
  • Who to contact - this will usually be the person making the booking
  • Which of the four days of the Convention you will be trading: Friday, Saturday, Sunday and/or Monday
  • Your postal address and contact telephone number
  • Your email address, which if you are a Dealer-only Member must be the same one used to register on
  • Your website address, if you have one
  • A brief description of your trading presence at the Convention
  • Do you want one, two or three tables
  • Do you need an electric point
  • Optionally, if you would like to donate something to our Charity Auction and/or would like to advertise in our Souvenir Guide

Once you have done that, a knowledgeable gnome will enter it into our version of Hex and you will get an email inviting you to (shudder) pay your deposit and accept our Terms and Conditions. You do this by visiting the Dealer section on your Member Info page and you can amend your information there.

Mike Flynn.

Back to cave……