Hotel Bookings Check

28 June 2022

by Roy Ayres

Hotel Bookings Check

Now that the dust has settled we plan to review things with the Hilton on Monday 4 July and would like to check a couple of things, ensuring that everyone has paid the Convention rates for their rooms (rather than accidentally paying more expensive rates) and that everyone has received their confirmation emails from the hotel. Please check and get back to us using the links below by midday on Sunday 3 July if there's a problem. There is no need to contact us if everything is correct.

Have you paid the discounted price?

Our discounted Convention hotel room rates, for the rooms booked direct with the hotel using our links, including VAT are:

  • £72 per night for rooms without breakfast;
  • £84 per night for single occupancy rooms including breakfast; or
  • £96 per night for double occupancy rooms including breakfast.

We’ve been informed by the Hotel Booking Team that they have a lot of bookings for the Convention weekend that have not been booked at Convention rates. Although it is possible that these bookings are not for the Convention, they have asked us to check with our members to see if any of you have mistakenly booked a more expensive room.

We realise that the problems with the room allocation system on the first couple of days bookings were open may have resulted in people booking the wrong type of room rather than miss out on a room altogether; and we’d like to correct this if possible.

So, if

  • You booked a room during Phase 2 of the room bookings via the booking links sent out by email on the 26th May; and
  • You have been told that it will cost more than the rates shown above; and
  • You did not choose to book an Executive Room or a Suite...

... please email giving details of the type of room and the cost per night in the room confirmation email that you received.

Have you received your hotel confirmation?

If you booked via us in Phase 1 of the room bookings – submitting your requirements via a Google Form – and still haven’t received an email from the hotel requesting a deposit, can you also email with your details? These should all have been sent out now, so if any haven’t made it through to you, we need to know so we can get it sorted. (Check your Spam folder first though, as it may have ended up there.)