Hotel Bookings: the Circles are aligning!

1 May 2022

by Roy Ayres

Hotel Bookings are opening!

We are pleased to announce the opening of hotel bookings for the 2022 Discworld Convention. This will be in two stages, about 3 weeks apart:

  1. Those members with more complex room bookings, comprising:
    • Members with accessibility needs,
    • those coming in family groups,
    • those where 3 members want to share a room, or
    • those where 2 or 3 members want to share a room but to split the bill
  2. Members who want to book a single room or a double/twin room with a shared bill.

This is because our Hotel and Accessibility teams need to pre-allocate the rooms in the stage 1 groups before opening bookings to everyone. We anticipate this will take 3 weeks, but will keep everyone posted if this changes. We are asking those in the first group to return their forms within 2 weeks, by Sunday 15 May so as not to delay the second group's bookings for too long. If all goes well then stage 2 bookings should be open from Monday 23 May.

The emails were sent at 12:30 BST on Sunday, 1 May, so keep an eye on your inboxes.


Stage 1 groups

You will find links to three alternative Google Forms in your email. We are using Google Forms to gather the information we need to allocate rooms, so once you have filled the form in and clicked Submit, your part is done for now. Please only submit one form for each group of members, by whoever in the group is the Lead Guest. Please complete your form within 2 weeks, by Sunday 15 May and make sure you include the badge numbers for all members of your group.

What happens next: you will get an email from us to confirm your booking and to arrange payment of your deposit, which will be the cost of your first night's stay, including breakfasts if you hae chosen them.

We have tried to make sure we gather all the relevant information in a straightforward fashion. If you have questions or find that the forms just don't match your needs then please email either or

Stage 2 group

Don't panic; there are plenty of rooms at the hotel. When we open the single and double bookings we will provide a link for our specially arranged room rates. Do not book your room directly with the hotel as the special discounted convention rate is only available when booking through us.