Hotel room booking - still on hold

29 April 2020

by The Chair Team

As you may have seen from our updates on social media on Monday, the room booking launch did not go as smoothly as we had hoped.

While a number of people booked successfully (well done!), early on it became apparent that the guide we had painstakingly pulled together for the Hilton website was no longer applicable to everyone visiting the site - up to three different versions of the Hilton website were being displayed on people's computer screens and mobiles, and which one people got was more a matter of luck than anything else.

In one of those versions, inappropriate pricing was being shown front and centre, leading to people purchasing the right rooms - but at the wrong price. Obviously, we couldn't let this state of affairs continue, so we pulled the links from our website.

As you can understand, both ConCom and the Hilton team have been working hard to resolve the issues that have surfaced and to conduct more tests. Although we now believe that everything has been sorted, we are holding the sale until the Hilton gives us the official confirmation that they are ready to proceed once more. We know that this further delay is as frustrating for you - our membership - as it is for us, and we will update you when we know what the next steps are.

Thank you,

The Chair team