Three Weeks!

29 July 2022

by Roy Ayres

Three Weeks to Go!

The excitement is palpable! We have a few things to share with you to help in the run-up:

  • The impact of the rail strikes and what may be done to mitigate them
  • Clarification of our Covid-19 policy (masks are still required though)
  • The Maskerade: How to register, how to prepare and what we need from you
  • A note about Service Dogs
  • A reminder that Gala Dinner tickets are only available until this Sunday! And if you have seating requests, you need to let us know now!

Rail Strikes

Currently the RMT are striking on Thursday 18 August and Saturday 20 August, while the London Underground are striking on Friday 19 August. Although some trains will run on those days, travel will be difficult. Many Members like to arrive on the Thursday before the Convention, take part in the Unofficial Quiz and begin on Friday morning bright and fresh. Ish.

Some Members are offering to car share on our Facebook page, and that is good. Another option is to travel on Wednesday 17 August. The hotel have made rooms available at Convention rates and you should be able to modify your booking with them if that is a possibility for you. Our Hotels team will try to help if you experience problems (

Covid-19 Policy

We are no longer asking for proof of vaccination or medical exemption to attend DWCon.

This is due to the withdrawal of the domestic COVID Pass by the UK government, which means that many people including anyone without photo ID would be unable to obtain this documentation. We do not agree with this decision by the government but feel that our hands have been forced.

We still recommend in the strongest possible terms that you take a rapid test (LFT) before travel on the day you are arriving at the Convention, and at least once more through the weekend. This and all our other COVID policies including the wearing of face coverings remain unchanged.

The Maskerade

There will be the opportunity  to sign up for the Maskerade at Registration on Friday 19th. But, if you have already made up your mind to enter the Maskerade, we do want to hear from you as it will help with planning.
We have an advance registration form for you to fill out here. The Rules are linked to from the form (and below)
Please note that video editing is not going to be possible at the hotel so if you are considering using video as part of your act, email tech asap to see what is possible in advance. (
If you've already looked at the programme, you'll see that the mandatory tech rehearsal  for the Maskerade is on Saturday morning. If you are not arriving until Saturday, please do fill in a form so we know you are coming,  and come along to the tech rehearsal  as quickly as you can after registration.
Here is a link to the Rules, and please do get in touch if you have any questions or spot any errors (  .

Service Dogs

Fully trained assistance dogs by law have access rights which would include event spaces and the bar / restaurant areas, which are places pets aren't allowed. The Hilton request advance notification. If you would like us to do this for you, please email

If a Member has a service dog with them, please don't pet them while they are working.

Gala Dinner Tickets!

Gala Dinner Tickets are only available until 7pm on Sunday 31 July. That's right - this very Sunday! Your ticket buys you a good meal, entertainment, a unique souvenir and sparkling company. Don't miss out!

Seating at the gala is pre-allocated, so if you want to request that you sit with particular friends, or don't sit with ...not friends... please let us know by emailing now.