44 Days to go: Are YOU ready?

4 July 2022

by Roy Ayres

44 Days to go, a month and a half until the Convention... all kinds of things are happening quite fast now, so here are some reminders and updates:

  • Remember to check you have heard from the Hilton and that you are paying the discounted rates: go to Hotel Bookings Check
  • Get your Gala Dinner tickets (£65 per head, minimum age 15): go to Gala Dinner Announcement
  • Make sure you have chosen your Coven: (Bad Ass, Slice or Skund): go to The Covens of Lancre
  • Is your badge name right? We print the badges soon and will freeze badge names on Monday 11 July
  • Have you submitted any Programme ideas? If so, have you checked your email and submitted a Tech Requirements form?
  • Luvverly Sooveneers: all online orders need to be in by Sunday 17 July and there are Two ways to buy
  • Pre-Convention T shirts are being produced in batches; the next batch will be sent out within a few days
  • Volunteering: Can you run Werewolf games? Do you want to be a GM in our Mega-Werewolf game? Email productions@dwcon.org
  • Finally a reminder that as Ian and Reb are our guests the Discworld Emporium will not be trading at the Convention: go to Discworld Emporium announcement